Wednesday, May 8, 2013

one in every color

   I finished this cardigan before the end of April and pretty much haven't taken it off since then.  This is the perfect spring cardi to throw over everything.  The a-line shape is really flattering and the simple garter and stockinette stitch is not too busy, plus the cotton is cool and so soft.  I'm already planning to make another one of these in a wool or wool blend for the fall and maybe another cotton one in another color (or twelve).

Pattern: Miriam Cardi
Yarn: Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport
Colorway: Haze Heather

   Sweaters like this are usually boring knits because they are so plain, but they really are the easiest to wear.  I've been making a lot more of my sweater knitting decisions and yarn choices based on what I will actually wear rather than just being an interesting knit.  But sometimes these kinds of sweaters and the time and effort put into knitting them is more valuable.  In fact, this sport weight piece took me about 20 days of knitting time (almost exclusively on this) to knit.  I used a little less than ten balls of yarn which cost me a grand total of about $14.25.  Way less than what a store bought sweater would run me and it's really a steal considering this is a handmade item.

In other words, I'm really glad I learned to knit. :)

Monday, May 6, 2013

WIP report

This last week I've been focusing on two main WIPs.

 The first is Uma, a top down cardigan that is full of interesting techniques.  The plan is to have this sweater done by the week of the 20th, which should be doable since I've already completed the only seaming (at the neckband) and have started to weave in some ends already).  

  Above is my progress as of Sunday morning, but yesterday I managed to knit a sleeve cap and add a couple of inches to the length.  Interestingly, I discovered yesterday that I have never knit a short-row sleeve cap before.  I'm very familiar with short rows and hiding wraps, but I've just never used the technique for a sleeve cap.  So that was interesting and looks great (trust me on that) so far.  I think I'll have to come up with some excuses to knit short-row sleeve caps more often.  

   My next WIP is from a Knit Picks kit, Apirka Socks.  These will definitely be a long term WIP so I don't get burned out on the stranding and end up burying these in the WIP basket.  I'm working these (sort of) two-at-a-time on two sets of needles.  Mostly so I don't have to remember the needle changes I'm making to get these to fit.  It's slow going knitting on both socks at once, but hopefully, this will help me avoid SSS.  

   In other news, I got the next Santa's Village chart in the mail over the weekend.  I'll be ordering some floss and hopefully, will find some time to squeeze in stitching time before the end of the month.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Santa's Stocking Store

   Over the weekend, I finished stitching Santa's Stocking Store.  This one went quick and I'm excited to stitch next month's reindeer!

Chart: CCN Santa's Village, Santa's Stocking Store
Fabric: Wichelt 32 count amber linen (2 over 2)
Floss: as charted

   As you can see, I did not stitch the striped border along the top of this chart.  I think the holly branch border is just too pretty to have to compete so closely with the red and white stripes.  So far I think I like it.

  Eventually I plan to stitch the striped border as a frame around the finished piece, but in the meantime... back to my knitting.

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