Sunday, November 18, 2012

weekly WIP report

   This week was surprisingly productive considering the amount of work I've got going on.  The semester is nearly over and it's good to get a little boost when dealing with stress with some visible progress on the things I can control... my WIPs.

   Early in the week I got a few more squares on my Hue Shift afghan completed.

   It will be good to get into more of the brighter colors.  I purposely started with one of the darker colored segments to get those out of the way.

   I also managed to spend a few hours restitching my January Cottage.

   Now that the bulk of the cottage is finished, there really isn't a whole lot left to complete before I can move on to the April Cottage.

   The biggest news of the week is that the knitting on Peterborough is finished!  Now comes all of the seaming and weaving in the ends.

   I'm a little embarrassed to say that the last of the final sleeve took less than two evenings to finish knitting, soak, and block.

   My sleeves are still pinned out and are nearly dry, but you can see that in the meantime I got a start on weaving in ends and seaming the shoulders and back of the neck together. 

   I love using Mirasol yarns, but the one downside is that the skeins are so short.  I believe I used about 16 skeins to finish the knitting on this and that makes for a whole lot of ends to weave in.  Hopefully I can break up the seaming into chunks so I don't get too burned out on this.  I doubt I'll get it finished before I leave for the Thanksgiving holiday, but the good news is that it should be finished when it's still cold enough out to wear it!

Oh, and after finishing up knitting Peterborough, I managed to cast off a sock.  Now to find the motivation to start the second.

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