Wednesday, December 19, 2012

a white wednesday Christmas!

   After spending monday night wrapping Christmas presents, I managed to get Santa stitched last night.   Today I can't wait to get back home and finish stitching Santa's House.  Especially since this is today's forecast:

I don't think there is a more appropriate time to sit in and stitch a Christmas themed project than now.  I'm planning to leave work early today and will work from home tomorrow.  Anyway, I'm 100% sure that there will be a finish before the sky clears.  Then it's time to organize my knitting queue in preparation for my 2013 stashdown efforts.  For sure, I want to get my long hibernating WIPs out to see the light of day again so that, hopefully, I fall in love (lust?) with one or two of them again.  In fact, I might be tempted to do an entire stash flash... maybe.

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