Wednesday, November 7, 2012

March Cottage

is finished!

Pattern: March Cottage, Country Cottage Needleworks
Fabric: 35 count Lambswool Linen, Wichelt. Worked over 2.
Floss: All DMC colors suggested by pattern

   This cottage stitched up fast, mostly because of the detailed windows I think.  I wasn't stitching large areas of green for the cottage so it seemed to fly by.  Plus those sheep are adorable!

   I'm sort of on a roll with stitching cottages, so I'm not sure I want to put this piece down yet.  But I need to get going on some knitting projects.  So, we'll see what I focus my attention on next while I'm awaiting the start on Santa's Village.  

   Looking at my finished cottages, I've decided that my January Cottage needs to re-stitched.  It will break my heart to rip out the entire cottage plus the snowman and tree, but I'm just not happy with my mistake and the easy fix I made.  Also, my stitching is pretty subpar especially on the roof of my cottage and on my snowman.   I should rip out and start over right away, so I can get it over with but (and there's always a BUT) it would be a lot easier to stitch a few more cottages before going back to January.  Decisions.... decisions.

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