Friday, December 14, 2012


   I am never taking this off.  Never.

  I'm always kicking myself for not finishing things that I end up really loving, sooner.  In the case of Peterborough, I had to deal with the yarn (it's lovely, but primarily cotton), worrying about running out of yarn, and the possibility that it might not fit once I've gotten all the pieces knitted and sewn together (as with all seamed sweaters).  Eventually all of these things had to be overcome, or really, I just had to quit being lazy and dragging my feet.  Thankfully, a Raveller sold me a couple of extra skeins in the same dye lot, so no issues with running out of yarn.  In fact, I only used 22% of one of those extra skeins, which is surprising since I had to add an inch in length to each sleeve.  That cable pattern up there was downright addicting, and of course this made the long sleeves (that I foolishly knit last) incredibly boring.  Add to that the length of the cardigan made for some really long seams to mattress stitch together and 50 gram skeins = millions of ends to weave in.

   But after nearly 10 months on the needles with a lot of down time in between it's done!  And it's perfect.  

   It's the perfect weight for a multi-seasonal piece.  The cotton/silk is heavy enough to be warm and cozy, but cool enough that I will most likely wear this all the time.  Bonus is that the sleeves are the perfect length.  I've never owned a store bought sweater or long sleeved top that actually fit as long sleeves on me, so it's always nice when I can custom knit something to fit to my liking.  

Pattern: Peterborough, by Norah Gaughan
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn Wach'i
Colorway: 1512 Cream

   Another plus is that this finish means I can now move 1765.5 yards of yarn out of my stash!  Even if the knit skeins were already out of my actual stash storage, that yardage is now officially removed from my stash yardage total.  

   This has been a big week for knitting FOs.  I think over the weekend I'm going to commit to getting Santa's House stitched.  If I don't finish over the weekend I at least hope to get it mostly done.  

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  1. This is beautiful and your fit is amazing!!!


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