Friday, December 28, 2012

refining the plan and making some rules

   Since 2012 is winding down and 2013 is setting up to be a crazy year as always, I thought I'd put my plan down in writing to keep me focused in the new year.

   For the last few days of the year, I'll continue to try and get organized.  In particular, organizing my stash storage/office area and cleaning up my knitting queue.  It's hard being away from the stash (I'm still in California) because all I want to do is start swatching so I have more concrete ideas about what I want to make from my yarn stash.  I have my eye on a few patterns that might be perfect especially for some of the sweater-quantities of yarn I have.

   My primary knitting goal is to stash down.  I'd like to get my stash to live comfortably in the four allotted storage bins in my office instead of the overflowing mess it currently is.  

   In general, I buy yarn only if I have a specific project in mind (except for sock yarn… because it doesn’t count… right?).  So in order to stash down I need to finish the projects. In October I listed all of my WIPs. There were 11, but I’ve gotten that number down to 9.  I also added 3 new WIPs since then, bringing my total up to 12 WIPs. Eventually I’d like to have no more than 4 projects on the needles at one time.

2013 Goals:
  • Finish my current sweater WIPs (Cassidy and Miss BB)
    • I believe Miss BB is headed for a frogging, but I have another Chic Knits pattern in mind for the yarn.
  • Finish or frog all WIPs from October before buying any new yarn in 2013 (excluding finishing the 2 afghan projects)
  • Finish about 1 current WIP per month so I can start 2014 “fresh” with no WIPs hanging around from 2012 or earlier.
  • Knit at least 2 sweaters from my KP CM order (I bought 4 sweater quantities total)
  • Knit Peerie Flooers mittens from Palette

I am free to cast on a new project of any type from stash yarn for every 3 WIPs I finish or frog (each section of my Hue Shift Afghan will count as one WIP).

   Now that the goals and rules are public, I'll need to stick to them.  Here's hoping.

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