Friday, January 4, 2013

new year, new start

   On New Years Day (while nursing myself back to health after a disappointing stomach bug over the weekend) I started the new year with a new CO!

I'm turning this:

into these:

Pattern: Peerie Flooers Mittens, Kate Davies
Yarn: Knit Picks Palette
Colorways: Gosling, Semolina, Pool, Edamame, Victorian, Grass, and Wonderland Heather

   I love stranded mitten patterns.  They tend to multiply exponentially in my queue without me noticing.  These mittens, however, have been at the top of my queue for quite some time now.   

   I have no problems doing stranded knitting (it's addictive, really), but I'm not the best stranded mitten finisher(?).  Gauge is always a bit worrisome when you are working a stranded mitten; well, one that you actually want to fit.  Plus there are the millions of ends to deal with once you're done knitting.  Then there are those fiddly thumbs that need to be finished before you can call it a mitten.  However, I think the bright colors of these will keep me motivated to finish these, this winter.   

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