Friday, February 22, 2013

mostly done...

also known as: maybe one more tweak.

   I finished the knitting on Golden Wheat over the weekend, but only got most of the finishing done as of yesterday.  Before I could really call it done, it needed to be blocked.  After a dip in the tub and a couple of days laying flat to dry, I finally got to try it on.  Because I didn't wash my swatch and I expected growth, I needed to be sure that the lengths on everything would work for me.  Turns out that the length of the body and the sleeves was fine, but I needed to make my bind off on the body a little looser.  I also decided that I wanted to remove the bottom 4 button holes and leave the cardigan open at the bottom like the original pattern.

   So, I ripped out the original BO and before binding off again with a larger needle, I dropped the two stitches of the button band (where I made the button holes) down and hooked them back up.   That's why my button band looks a bit wonky at the moment.  It desperately needs to be re-blocked.

   Nearly 100% of the time when I add buttons to a cardigan, I baste grosgrain to the button bands to prevent pulling and gaping which otherwise makes a gorgeously knit cardigan look frumpy.  This time, I was a bit overzealous when I stitched additional grosgrain to prevent the buttonholes from stretching, so, my button band currently looks sloppy and wavy.  It was getting late after all, and hand sewing is not really a talent of mine.  I will have to go back an fix this soon.

   Just one more tweak and another blocking and this one will be completely finished.  

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