Monday, March 11, 2013

weekly WIP report 3.11.13

   This past week has been a bit scattered.  At least that's how my brain feels. Ha!

   Early in the week I put a few stitches in Santa's Village.  Although now looking at it, it's not a whole lot of progress over a week.

   I also distracted myself a bit with some stash digging and made two calorimetry FOs.  I followed several suggestions from finished projects and used a smaller needle and cast on fewer stitches than recommended in the pattern.  This pattern is a quick knit.  They took maybe an hour and half each when knitting in between doing a bunch of other things (including a false fire alarm in my building after 10:30 pm one night).  

Pattern: Calorimetry
Yarn: left- Madtosh Vintage, 
right- Queensland Collection Rustic Wool

   This last WIP might technically be a new CO which I really haven't earned yet (rules... rules..) but I frogged a sock that wasn't to be and started over with a shawl pattern.  Technically my WIP number has not changed so it's not really cheating.  

   Cameo is a striped shawl, similar to Stripe Study or Color Affection, but a bit more feminine with a bit of lace.  I think I've picked the contrast yarn, but I have several options, so we'll see what happens when I get to the color change.  

Pattern: Cameo
Yarn: Malagbrigo Sock 
Colorway: Persia

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