Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly WIP Report 4.14.13

   This isn't exactly a weekly report; more like bi-monthly.  Things have been busy as ever the last couple of weeks in addition to me getting a cold and generally feeling like crap for the last several days (nothing a couple of lazy days and lots of knitting time couldn't fix).  I'm starting to feel a lot better.

   Here's what I accomplished.

   This was the update photo I was going to share with all of you on Thursday, but that didn't happen.  Since, Thursday however, Miriam has come a long way.  Here's what she looks like as of today.

   I managed to knit the sleeves and begin the raglan shaping.  It's a relief that my rows are getting shorter as I work my way up to the neckline, but I know that I'll have to knit the garter stitch neckline and that will be an ordeal.  I knit the sleeves two at a time.  Not my favorite method, but I knew it would be much easier to get them both done at the same time so I could move on to the exciting bits.  So far, I've used 6.5 balls of simply cotton sport.  I think I need to give my wrists a break before I attach the 7th ball.  Maybe I'll get started on seaming the sleeves up or get a start on the next chart of Santa's Village.   

   Now that the low temperatures are consistently above freezing for several days at a time, I've been wearing my cotton socks instead of my usual wool and boots combo.  So I thought I'd work another pair of anklet socks.  The pattern I'm using for the pair above is based on the Fancy Feet Anklets Kit from Knit Picks, but I sort of do my own thing until I get to the heel.  This particular lace pattern is not included in the kit.  I swapped in one from a stitch dictionary for something a bit different.

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